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About Kip

I first began hand-painting my designs on children's clothing from my kitchen table in my Greenwich Village apartment 29 year ago. Hand painting quickly led to silk-screening and embroidery.

After a year in business I switched from adult to kid's clothing. I decided my bright, bold, colorful design would be best on children's clothing. couldn't think of a name to call my business, so I decided to use my name and call it : Kip Kids of New York.

My clothing has been sold to stores all across the country. The designs have appeared in Parent Magazine, Kids Fashion, Glamour, and on the cover of TV guide to name a few.


In 2004 I had a contract to illustrate a children's book with Harper Collins. They gave me an advance and I was given the green light to begin illustrating the book. I had been given the big break so many people dream  about, a chance to illustrate a children's book with a big publishing house.
thought I could illustrate a children's book in one month, which was not possible. In 2006 I decided to try doing another book after my first unsuccessful attempt. This time I decided to do a book about a place I knew and loved, New York City! Ned Visits New York became my first children's book.

 I tried to find a publisher but unless you have been published or have an agent, it's very hard to get their attention. So I decided to self publish my book. Within 6 months, I sold 2,000 copies and I had to do a reprint. I'm happy to say Ned Visits New York has gone to print 6 times with over 16,000 copies sold.

When Meece For Mayor of New York City came out I decided I needed reviews for my book. Who better than actual Mayors! I sent the book to over 60 Mayors around the world. I even sent one to 90 year old Mayor Eb Whipple of Cheeseville, CA. (Yes, there really is a Cheeseville.) In fact, Mayor Eb Whipple is the blue bear in my 5th book, The New York Cow Pow Wow. He was honored to be in my book and invited me to come visit! How could I say no, so off I went to Cheeseville. It was a once in a life time experience I will never forget.

Another proud moment with my books has been when my 4th book, New York City A to Z won Best Children's Book at the 2015 New York Book Festival. I could not believe it and was on cloud nine for days! My 6th book, New York City 1 to 20 just came out this past year and it's truly some of my best work.

My children's books have been an amazing journey. I've meet so many incredible people along the way. Since losing my job 29 years ago, i've never looked back. I tell people when one door closes sometimes an even bigger door can open and that's exactly what happened for me!




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